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To move in to your Pearl Apartment, please book the loading dock and goods lift.

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How To Book

If you are intending to move in or out of Prima Tower, you will need to make a booking via the web portal, concierge desk or with Building Management. This should be at least 72 hours prior to desired move in/move out date. Building Management will make arrangements for you to have exclusive access to the goods lift and the loading bay on your selected day. All bookings are subject to approval and confirmation.

Utility Connections

To ensure a smooth transition into your apartment, we can help you organise and connect your electricity, gas, phone, internet, removalists and more with suppliers in your area and arrange them all in the one spot.

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Booking Times

Monday - Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am to 12:00pm
Sunday N/A

Note: Building Management may refuse any unscheduled moves in or move out of the complex. If you require additional times outside of the times available, please contact Building Management

Booking Conditions

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree to be bound by these terms of use;

  1. This request must be lodged no less than 72 hours before the intended loading dock use.
  2. The Owners Corporation Rules are encompassed within this agreement and must be adhered to at all times.
  3. You may only be granted access to the loading dock within Prima Tower if you have gained the written consent or email approval from building management.
  4. Building management has the right to alter, change or cancel your booking request, the date and time of your booking to ensure the safety of occupants within Prima Tower. In the event of an unforeseen change or cancellation, building management will notify you of alternative actions and dates prior to your move date and time allocation.
  5. The building manager is not responsible for any delays or associated costs and expenses in relation to your booking.
  6. All major deliveries, particularly move-ins and move-outs must be made via the Loading Dock at 35 Queensbridge Street, not through the lobby.
  7. Your booking in the loading dock needs to be coordinated to ensure there are no other major deliveries scheduled.
  8. You are liable for any negligent damage and loss caused to any common property in association to your booking.
  9. Protective curtains are provided for the lift car, and you will have use of the lift provided.
  10. Jamming of the lift car doors will cause damage and you be held liable for the cost of repair and rectification.
  11. The loading dock is approximately 4.2 meters high, however you are responsible for ensuring these measures are accurate.
  12. The dimensions of the lift are approximately 1.8w X 1.6d X 2.8H with the door opening of 1.1w X 2.1. The load capacity of 1600kg however you are responsible for ensuring these measurements are accurate.
  13. You must ensure your goods do not block any corridors, emergency exits or passageways.
  14. You must immediately notify the building management in the event of any damage or loss, whether minor or major, to any common property.
  15. You agree to fully release and indemnify the building management and Owners Corporation of the Prima Tower in relation to any claim, action, demand, suit or proceeding for damages, loss, expenses, debt or compensation caused by or in connection with your use and access of the loading dock and common property.

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